We think of Marovasa Be as a little piece of paradise. Getting to this special destination takes a little bit more effort than your typical holiday but rest assured that it is well worth it. You'll find us in the north west region of Madagascar, in the Mahajanga area, on the remote Anjajavy peninsula. We have our own airfield and guests may arrive either by chartered plane or by boat.

Here’s how to get here:


  • Fly into the capital Antananarivo and then charter a plane (1hr 45mins) to land on Marovasa Be’s airstrip. These planes take between 8 and 12 passengers. We recommend MTA.  

  • International flights to Madagascar's Antananarivo Ivato Airport are available from the following cities:

Istanbul, Johannesburg, Mauritius, Nairobi, Paris

By Commercial Air + Boat:

  • Taking an Air Madagascar flight from Antananarivo to the coastal town of Mahajanga*. Our Marovasa Be boats will collect your party (the one can carry 12, the other 6 people) for the two and a half hour scenic crossing (additional fees* apply). 


  • For the adventurous travelers interested in seeing more of the country from the road view, the Cotisse bus (seats up to 6) from Antananarivo to Mahajanga is a fun and more reasonable alternative. During the picturesque nine hour trip, you will stop for lunch, take in the scenery and also be able to enjoy WIFI from the comfort of your seat. The Marovasa Be boat will meet your party for the trip to the property.


*Note: Prices are subject to change.  Guests arriving in Mahajanga later in the day may need to overnight before making the journey to Marovasa Be the following morning.